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Legionnaire Kit
  • Legionnaire Kit

    SKU: 0003

    When you need to be prepared for any situation, grab the rough and rugged Legionnaire case. Part of our Defender Series, your supplies are housed in a mil-spec Panero MAX® hard case that can handle the most extreme environments. Once you open it up, a modular designed layout gives you instant access to any medical supplies you can need. From stop the bleed trauma supplies to traditional medicine and bandages you can rest assured that you’re prepared.

    IP67 Rating , ATA 300 , MIL SPEC DEF STAN 81-41 STANAG 4280

    • Contents

      Upper Deck Lid

      2 CAT® Gen7 Tourniquets with Elastic Strap-Down

      Nylon Carry Pocket

      Medicine Pack

        -2 Ibuprofen Packets

        -2 Acetaminophen Packets

        -Diphenhydramine Packet

        -2 Lip Balm Packets

        -2 Burn Gel Packets

        -2 Triple Antibiotic Packets

        -2 Oral Pain Relief Packets

        -Liquid Skin

        -Electrolyte Tablets

      Cleaning & Protection Pack

        -2 Cleansing Towelette

        -2 Alcohol Prep Pads

        -2 Hand Sanitizer Packs

        -2 Sunscreen Packs

        -Insect Repellent

        -2 Sting Relief


        -2 Hydrocortisone

      Mini Marker

      Pen Light



      Mini Splint


      Main Compartment

      Trauma Pack

        -Hyfin® Compact Twin Chest Seals

        -QuikClot® Rolled Gauze

        -NAR® Mini ETD®

        -NAR® Compressed Gauze

        -Mylar Blanket

      24" Splint

      Trauma Shears

      Elastic Bandage

      Medical Tape

      Bandage Pack

        -Triangular Bandage

        -4 Large Gauze 4x4

        -6 Small Gauze 2x2

        -5 Butterfly Bandage

        -2 Blister Bandage

        -4 X-large Bandage 2x4

        -4 Large Bandage 2x3

        -8 Small Bandage 1x3

        -4 Knuckle Bandage

        -4 Finger tip Bandage

      Glow Stick

      Sterile Saline

      CPR Mask

      Nylon Gloves Dispenser  w/ 5 Pair

      3" Gauze Roll

    • Dimensions


      9.25 in x 7.08 in x 4.17 in


      lb oz

    • Disclaimer

      All items require training before use. By purchasing this First Aid Kit you release Sunshine Safety First Aid of any liability. 

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