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Tourniquet and holder for display.
  • SKTBRD Mini(Safety Kit Tourniquet Board Retention Device)

    Keep your tourniquet handy - made to fit the Snake Staff™ ETQ™ and be as compact as possible. Constructed from Tegris and Berry Compliant 3in elastic it slips into PALs/MOLLE or in and out of a pocket for EDC, included clip for additional mounting options. Proudly 100% made in America. 

    • Contents

      SKTBRD Tourniquet Holder

      Permanent Marker

      Malice Clip or Metal Belt Clip

      Available with Snakestaff™ETQ™ 

    • Dimensions


      4.75 in x 1.5 in

      3 in Elastic

    • Disclaimer

      All items require training before use. By purchasing this First Aid Kit you release Sunshine Safety First Aid of any liability.

    Excluding Sales Tax