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Get out there and get after it - the Great American Outdoors is calling your name! From adventures to common household preparations for hurricane season and beyond we've got you covered. Want to see a future topic? Reach out and tell us about it!

Outpace, Outlast, and Outperform in the Outdoors (December 2023)

Migratory bird season is here! The joy of participating in the great migration of our precious game resources is best shared with friends, family, and the next generation of hunters. Remember your hunter safety course teachings, and practice safe, ethical, and responsible harvesting and firearms handling. You are the example! Carry a first aid kit and keep those products and training up to date. Hypothermia can set in quick - even in the southern Florida swamps, take steps to prevent this from happening to you or your group! Leak test your waders prior to season, replace or mend as needed. Bring warm liquids to share and keep hydrated. Remember the "umbles" for hypothermia, stumbles, fumbles, mumbles and grumbles - prevent hypothermia from worsening and get your party into warm, dry environments and clothing as soon as you see any signs of mild to moderate hypothermia beginning. Stay safe and warm! 

Preparation, Planning, and Practice (August 2023)

The 2023 hurricane season is here - preparations should now be rounded out for the season. Water, non-perishables, generators, gasoline, plywood, and first aid supplies should be gathered. Trees should be trimmed, loose lawn furniture or ornaments should be secured and meteorological reports should be followed. Keep in mind response times may be delayed in your area due to storm severity and you should have first aid supplies and training on hand. Keep a means of signaling on hand, by both sound and sight. Fallen trees and debris can require power tools to remove and manage - be sure to include a tourniquet and freshen up on trauma training before any cleanup activities. Have a plan in place in case of an evacuation, and supplies packed for a minimum of 3 days ready to be stowed in the car. Make sure you have lightweight and comprehensive first aid equipment packed in each vehicle. You can never be overdressed or over-prepared - order now to get your kit in time for storm season.

Summer, Snakes, Storms and Safety (July 2023)

Summer is here - for many Floridians that means hurricane season, and for most of us that means catching up on any work that needs completion around the property. Clearing debris, stowing yard furniture, trimming trees and installing sandbags or plywood can involve heavy machinery from chainsaws to nail guns and many of the areas we are tidying can be home to some unwelcome guests! From wildlife to powertools, there are many different potential mechanisms for injury. A responsible homeowner carries trauma supplies and knowledge on how to use them. Having a good first aid kit on hand to address any injuries is a crucial part of safely operating power tools. Response times can be delayed pre and post storm, so keep a tourniquet on hand if you are chainsawing fallen tree limbs or clearing the road. Keep an eye out for unwelcome snakes and insects and remember to get evaluated by advanced medical services in the event of any bites - even a non-venomous snake can introduce an infection into your bloodstream! 

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